Sanitary cubicles, changing rooms and cabinets

Due to a big variety of available colours and the different ways to construct with HPL, the sanitary- or douche facilities and changing areas of each Sportscenter,Swimmingpool, School, Hotel or Officebuilding, can be designed in a unique way. If needed the cubicles can be hung at an aluminium or steel-reinforced nylon profile, placed between the walls. For safe and hygienic stocking and securing workclothes and personal belongings, custom made models of lockers can be produced. If necessary for GMP, declining roofs can be offered,as well as connections to ventilationsystems.

Inside Wall Covering

The solid HPL-panels are used to cover walls in hospitals, surgery rooms, clean rooms, kitchens,prisons,… The material is antibacterial treated and this for its entire lifetime.

Outer Wall facades

For covering exterial walls a special UV-resistant product (Tespa R Meteon) can be used,eventually in different colours or combined with other materials (Wood, Alu,…). Next to design the panels contribute to the energy-efficiency, water- and damageprotection. Because dirt hardly attaches, the panels are smooth and easy to clean.

Furniture for shops, laboratory, and kitchens

Due to its high density, HPL is very stable and impactresitant. This makes it also possible to work with more limited thickness (up to 3 mm) in comparison with other ‘wood’-products. This enables a more ‘straight and slim’ design. ( kitchens, cash-desks) Thanks to its high chemical resistance HPL (Trespa® Toplab) is very suitable for making laboratory furniture and worksurfaces